Web Design For Beginners

Do you want to design your own website or for someone else’s? If you do, then read on the following.

The Concept.

Before anything else you need to determine what the concept it would be. What theme do you have an inclination for? Of course, it should be in line with the business, product or service being offered. There should be harmony in colours and design with regard to the business industry, what is being sold and overall appeal that you want to project towards your visitors.

The Impression.

Next would be the impression. What do you want your visitors would think or say when they first see the website? Do you want them to think “oh, they do mean business?” Or, do you want the visitors to think its fun to shop here? Whatever the impression you want to impart, be sure you execute it through the design perfectly.

The Result.

Lastly, the final product – the website itself. Yes, the only way you know you have succeeded in your web design is when the site is fully functional and visually attractive. If the message you want to relay has been easily received by the visitors, then job well done! You do not want to confuse the visitors, do you?



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